Chess PGN Game Match played Giri, Anish vs Aronian, Levon- in Tata Steel-A 74th, Open: QGD – Charousek (Petrosian) variation

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Chess PGN Game Match played Giri, Anish vs Aronian, Levon- in Tata Steel-A 74th, Open: QGD - Charousek (Petrosian) variation

Match between Giri, Anish and Aronian, Levon

Event: Tata Steel-A 74th

Variation: QGD – Charousek (Petrosian) variation

Pgn File:

[Event “Tata Steel-A 74th”]
[Site “Wijk aan Zee”]
[Date “2012.01.25”]
[Round “10”]
[White “Giri, Anish”]
[Black “Aronian, Levon”]
[Result “0-1”]
[WhiteElo “2714”]
[BlackElo “2805”]
[ECO “D37”]
[Annotator “Aronian,L”]
[EventDate “2012.01.14”]
[PlyCount “86”]
[EventType “tourn”]
[EventRounds “13”]
[EventCountry “NED”]
[Source “ChessBase”]
[SourceDate “2012.03.16”]
[EventCategory “21”]

1. d4 { Before this game, I had only played Giri once. At the European Team
Championship in 2011, I succeeded in winning a good game against him. }
1… d5 { On the advice of my wise friend Hao, I decided for the time to
move into a Queen’s Gambit. } 2. c4 e6 3. Nc3 Be7 4. Nf3 { The line 4.cxd5
exd5 5.Bf4 usually leads to sharper play. } 4… Nf6 5. Bf4 O-O 6. e3 Nbd7
{ Recently, a few new ideas have appeared in this position. } 7. Be2 { The
other new line, 7.Qc2 c5 8. Rd1 also leads to interesting play. } 7… dxc4
8. O-O { This comparatively new idea was thought up by me, and I used it
first against Anand at the Tal Memorial in 2011. It is a bit strange to
have to fight against one’s own weapons. Krasenkow: ‘A fashionable line
deeply analysed by GM Evgeny Postny in CBM 146. GM Levon Aronian (who used
to play it as White!) now comes up with a fresh idea.’ } 8… Nb6 { I
decided to choose a variation that does not look all that great, hoping
that Anish would not be familiar with it. } (8… c5 { (Krasenkow) is very
logical but has not brought Black full equality in recent games: } 9. dxc5
Nxc5 10. Bxc4 a6 (10… Qxd1 11. Rfxd1 b6 12. Nd4 Bb7 13. f3 (13. Rac1 a6
14. b4 Nce4 15. Nxe4 Bxe4 16. a3 Rfc8 17. f3 Bb7 18. e4 { 1/2 Gelfand,B
(2744) -Kramnik,V (2800)/Moscow 2011/CBM 146/[Postny,E] (48) } 18… Kf8
19. Bf1 a5 $11 { E. Postny }) 13… Rfc8 14. Rac1 a6 15. a3 Nh5 16. Be5 Nf6
17. Bg3 Kf8 18. e4 Ke8 19. Bf1 g6 20. Bf2 (20. Rc2 $142 $14 { E.Postny })
20… e5 21. Nc2 Nb3 22. Rb1 b5 23. Ne3 Rd8 24. a4 Nd2 25. axb5 Nxb1 26.
Rxb1 Bc5 $13 { 1/2 Anand,V (2811) -Kramnik,V (2800)/London 2011/CBM
146/[Postny,E] (39) }) 11. Ne5 (11. Nd4 Bd7 12. a3 Rc8 13. Rc1 Nce4 14.
Nxe4 Nxe4 15. Bd3 Rxc1 16. Qxc1 Nf6 17. Rd1 Qb6 18. Bc2 Rc8 19. Qb1 h6 $11
{ 1/2 Aronian,L (2802)-Anand,V (2811)/London 2011/CBM 146/[Postny,E] (25) }
) 11… Ncd7 12. Be2 Nxe5 13. Bxe5 Qa5 14. Bg3 b5 15. Bf3 Ra7 16. Ne2 Bb7
17. Bxb7 Rxb7 18. Nd4 Rd7 19. Qc2 Bd6 20. Nc6 Qb6 21. Bxd6 Rxd6 22. Rac1
$14 { [%csl Gc6] 1/2 Aronian,L (2802)-Gelfand,B (2744)/Moscow 2011/CBM
146/[Postny,E] (40) }) 9. Qc2 { This move followed immediately. In my heart
of hearts, I was hoping to get a variation looked at by Pashikyan, where
Black sacrifices the exchange. Instead of the text move, White has a wide
choice. } ( { A complicated battle results from the possible line } 9. e4
c5 (9… Ne8 { with the idea of strengthening the pawn on c4, also deserves
attention. }) 10. dxc5 Bxc5 11. Qc2) 9… Nh5 { This is the principled
move. } ( { After } 9… Nfd5 10. Bg3 { White plays Ne5 next move and
retains slight pressure. }) 10. Be5 { Both here and on the next move, Bg3
gives White a solid position, but he cannot fight for a significant
advantage. } 10… f6 11. Ng5 fxg5 12. Bxh5 { By means of this exchange,
White damages the black pawn structure. In compensation, Black keeps the
extra pawn on c4 permanently. } 12… Bd7 ( { The possible } 12… Bd6 {
turned out to be extremely modest, in analysis with Arman. }) 13. Bf3 {
This move is important for the assessment of the whole variation with
8…Nb6. A very complicated battle results from 13.Bg4. } (13. Rad1 $5 {
Krasenkow } 13… Bd6 $1) 13… Rxf3 14. gxf3 Bd6 { Analysing this position
during the 2011 Tal Memorial, Arman Pashikyan considered it pleasant for
Black to play in practice. His play is simple, whilst White has to think
about how to activate his rooks. } (14… Bc6 $5 { (Krasenkow) appears
good, too. }) 15. Qe4 { It seems to me that the transfer of the queen to g4
does not improve Black’s position, and merely gives Black a tempo for the
development of his initiative. I would prefer to bring the bishop to g3,
put the knight on e4 and exchange the c4-pawn by means of b3. In this case,
White’s position would also have its plusses. } (15. Bxd6 $5 { Krasenkow }
15… cxd6 16. Qe4 Qf6 $1 17. Qxb7 Rc8 { [%cal Rd7c6] } 18. Qxa7 Qxf3 19.
Qxb6 { , and Black has hardly more than a perpetual. }) 15… Bc6 16. Qg4
Qe7 17. Bxd6 ( { On } 17. Ne4 { I was planning to play } 17… h6 { White
cannot keep the bishop on e5, because after …Be5 dxe5 Nd7, the pawn on e5
becomes very weak. }) (17. Bg3 $142 { Krasenkow } 17… h6 18. Ne4 $13 Nd5
$140 19. Rfc1) 17… cxd6 18. Ne4 { It seems to me that White could
maintain the dynamic balance with 18.e4, with the idea of transferring the
rook to e3. Not finding this idea, Anish starts to play without any special
plan. } 18… h6 19. Qg3 { It looks as though, with this plan, White has
blunted the bishop on c6, but as Botvinnik showed several times, this
bishop always has its uses. } 19… d5 20. Nc3 { This move shows that my
opponent was already dissatisfied with the course of the game. } ( { It
looks very dangerous to play } 20. Nc5 { because the knight is in a very
restricted position, but in this situation, it was already essential. After
} 20… Rf8 21. b3 { White is still in the game. }) 20… Rf8 { Now White’s
position is devoid of any active ideas. } 21. Ne2 Rf5 { Preventing the
advance f4. } 22. Kg2 ( { On } 22. Qb8+ { as well as other moves, Black has
the interesting resource } 22… Nc8) 22… Nd7 { Not the only good move in
the position, but the most logical. When the opponent has a cramped
position, prophylaxis is often stronger than direct tactical blows. } 23.
Rh1 { After this mistake, one can boldly say that Black has a winning
position. } (23. b3 { was more stubborn. }) 23… Nf8 { The knight goes to
h4, after which White does not have to suffer much longer. } 24. h4 {
Desperation. } 24… Ng6 { The rest does not require much commentary, of
course. The fact that the game lasted until move 40 only reflects my lack
of hurriedness. } 25. f4 Nxh4+ 26. Kf1 { Of course, in this situation, many
moves lead to a win, but I wanted to play without calculating variations. }
26… Qb4 27. Rb1 Be8 { Here, I decided to transfer the bishop to d3, via
g6. } ( { A quicker win was } 27… Ba4) 28. Nc3 Qe7 { Tranferring the
queen to f6. At the same time, the threat appears of pushing the queenside
pawns with b5. } 29. b4 Rf8 30. Rb2 Bg6 31. Ke1 { Trying to evacuate the
king to the queenside. } 31… Bd3 32. fxg5 Nf3+ 33. Kd1 hxg5 { Of course,
it was also possible to exchange queens, but I wanted to end the game with
an attack. } 34. Qh3 Qf6 35. Kc1 { It might seem that White’s position has
improved, but this impression is deceptive. After some thought, I decided
to expose White’s weaknesses by means of e5. } 35… Bg6 { It was also
possible to begin with …Rd8. } 36. a4 { On 36.b5 the reply …Qe7, with
the idea of …Qa3, is very unpleasant. } 36… Rd8 37. Ne2 e5 { After the
exchange on d4, White has to take with the pawn, so as not to allow the
knight into d3. } 38. Qg4 exd4 39. exd4 Re8 40. Qd7 { Allowing a beautiful
finish. } 40… c3 41. Ra2 ( { On } 41. Rc2 { the simplest win of all is }
41… Rd8) 41… Ne1 42. Rxe1 ( { After } 42. Rh3 Qxf2 43. Nxc3 Qf4+ 44.
Kd1 Nc2 { White loses a lot of material. }) 42… Qf4+ 43. Kd1 Qe4 { Since
after 44.Qxe8+ Bxe8 White loses at least a rook, whilst other moves lead to
mate, my opponent resigned. } 0-1

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